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About us

We are the "One stop shop" for big and tall shoes in Quebec since 2010. We always have the best selection of plus size shoes, boots and sandals for men and women. Women big and tall shoe sizes start from 11 to 13 and men start from 14 to 21. We also have different widths. We carry more than 30 brands in store, including hundreds of models and different styles for our big and tall shoes. We renew our selection and collections every season.

Do not hesitate to search through our site, which includes different categories and sub-categories of big and tall shoe brands. We also have a special clearance section, offering various great big and tall shoes and brands at very low prices. We work hard to offer you the best choices of styles and models yearly. Our store selection gets better every year. Thank you for all your great referrals to friends, family and colleagues. They make a world of difference for us!


Air Max Correlate
Air Max CorrelateAir Max CorrelateAir Max Correlate
Fowler Ez Dress
Fowler Ez DressFowler Ez DressFowler Ez DressFowler Ez Dress
Keesha Luca
Caprizee Flip
Balta Sun
Modi Flip Sport
Modi Flip SportModi Flip SportModi Flip SportModi Flip Sport
Techsun Slide
Breeze Sea